Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Library Love, Wednesday, March 23rd

Confession: I have a library problem. I am a stay-at-home mom, who works part-time at the local library, and if I thought I had a library problem before I worked there, it has just gotten worse in the 18 months since I got my job. I think someone has a monthly library linkup, but well, if I only posted a library list once a month it would be too long.

This is what I brought home last week: 5 adult fiction, 1 adult graphic novel, 1 young adult fiction, and 3 juvenile fiction. Of these, I am most excited about All Things Cease to Appear, March. Book One, and The Lost Tribes. The Lost Tribes was written by a friend of a friend, and I spaced out when it was released last year.

As Close to Us as BreathingAll Things Cease to AppearWays to Disappear

BehaveMarch: Book One (March, #1)Unbecoming

Forest of Wonders (Wing & Claw #1)The Lost TribesClementine (Clementine, #1)

I also checked out a few audiobooks, including two adult fiction and 1 juvenile fiction. 

A Brief History of Seven Killings The KeepGoodbye Stranger

I will probably only have time to read a few of these books. Have you read any of them?

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